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For limericks, this is their day.
Annually, on the twelfth day in May
write five verses of fun,
maybe shove in a pun,
or don't, I'm not fussed either way.
Early sun ascend
on azure sky; gaze upon
shining lands of gold.


In battle with heat
of oppressive midsummer,
an Oak shields my brow.


Cool evening sun wanes,
while embers of dying light
set the world ablaze.
As disappointing as the year’s meagre attempt at summer had been, Jamie was determined not to let the dull clouds hanging above the town dissuade him from enjoying at least something. The looming prospect of rain served only to speed his steps as he half walked half ran through the cobbled streets towards his destination. Turning a final corner, he spied the shop he sought, and made a dash for the entrance even as tiny spots of rain began descending, making it just inside the threshold before a downpour began behind him.

As always, the Lush store welcomed him with a warm, heady aroma. He never sensed the same combination, no matter how many times he entered, and today was no exception; sweet lilac suffused the atmosphere, and Jamie drew a long, deep breath, releasing it with a satisfied sigh. Humming happily to himself, Jamie flitted between the rows and racks of cosmetics on display. Creamy facemasks, luxurious lotions, and pungent perfumes battled for dominance of his nostrils, and vied to catch his eye. Jamie swore he could smell roses, but after searching for the source, regretfully gave up trying to find it.

He hadn’t come for roses, anyway. His target was near the back of the store, where an odd assortment of powdery orbs sat stacked atop one another in a number of pyramids. Jamie’s stock of bath bombs had fallen alarmingly low, and he relished the opportunity to resupply, imagining with pleasure the floral-scented, fizzing, fluorescent baths he might soak in after a particularly stressful day.

Eyes running amok over the carefully arranged piles, Jamie noticed a glaring omission from the usual line up. Scanning the various labels, he quickly discovered why. ‘Twilight Bath Bomb’ The label read; ‘Let the sun set on…’. Unfortunately, the image on the label, displaying a round, dusty pink bath bomb with raised protrusions in the form of a moon surrounded by stars, was the only evidence that such a product even existed, as a sizeable empty space above suggested otherwise. All gone. All of them.

Jamie’s fists had clenched of their own will, and he realised only when his nails started digging into his skin. It’s just a bath bomb. It’s no big deal. But it’s my favourite. The thought crept to the fore of his mind like a second voice inhabiting his head. Jamie surveyed the stacks around him, reaching for a pale one with streaks of red and green. Dragon’s Eggs were always a good choice. But it’s not my favourite. He fought to push the voice aside, taking a quick smell of the globe in his hand and savouring the citrus tones. Yes, this would do. No it won’t! Jamie squealed in fright as he found himself throwing the bath bomb back against the stack, causing it to topple.

Eyes everywhere turned to face the cause of the noise, and Jamie felt his cheeks and ears burning red with embarrassment. He muttered a string of apologies as he made an effort to restack the bombs, but what he’d just done had shaken him. Surely he hadn’t meant to throw it. Perhaps it was just one of those things; he’d tried to put it back with a little too much effort. Yes, that was it. Perfectly normal; nothing to be afraid of.

Then again, why would he put it back? He’d just decided to get it. He looked back at the bombs—the nest of Dragon’s Eggs now rather misshapen having been haphazardly restacked. He grimaced. Suddenly, he didn’t feel so inclined to buy anything, and kept forlornly staring at the gap where the Twilight stack should be. A low cough by his shoulder drew his attention, and he spun around in surprise. “Wha-?”

“Sorry,” He had come face to face with a fair-haired employee who had probably witnessed the debacle with the dragon’s eggs and come to investigate, “I didn’t mean to startle you. Do you need any help?”

‘No, thanks.’ Jamie had been prepared to say, when in spite of himself, he blurted out, “Where are my Twilights?”

Looking a little bemused, the employee—Shaun, his name tag displayed--paused for a second. “It looks like we’re out of stock, I’m sorry. Perhaps you’d like a different one?”

Jamie ignored the offer. “Out of stock? You’re lying. I don’t believe you.”

Shaun seemed completely lost for words, his mouth opening and closing and with a look like a fish out of water. Jamie noticed several pairs of eyes on them, and realised he must have shouted that last remark. He suspected that more than several of the whispers he heard were about the outburst. As Shaun regained his composure, Jamie spotted something in the hand of one of the gathered crowd members. Dusty pink, and covered in stars, he instantly recognised it.

Marching away from Shaun--who now seemed more confused than ever--Jamie approached the woman holding his precious Twilight bomb. She was a little smaller than he, and sported short blonde hair that probably wasn’t her natural colour. A look of amusement switched quickly to suspicion as Jaime bore down on her, something in his mind briefly recognising her before a mist descended.

Jamie stopped about a metre away, and trust an accusing finger at the woman. “You have my Twilight.”

Her brow furrowed, lips forming soundless words as she searched for a reply. “What?” Was all she managed.

“My Twilight.” Jamie repeated. “You have it in your hand.”

Recognition flashed across her face, and she raised the bath bomb. “Oh, you mean this?”

“Yes.” Jamie replied, eyes harbouring a hungry look. “It’s mine. You have it. You stole it. Give it back.” His accusatory finger opened into an upturned palm.

The woman scoffed. “Yours? I picked it from the stack. I haven’t stolen anything.” She turned to walk away, and Jamie lunged forward, grabbing her shoulder and spinning her around. “What? Get off me, fucking weirdo!”

Jamie ignored her. “Give it.” He made a swipe at the bomb, but the woman pulled it away. People in the crowd started muttering, several already recording the ruckus on their phones. Shaun stalked the perimeter, ready to intervene. Someone dropped their umbrella, the clattering piercing the eerie almost silence.

The woman rose to full height, looking thunderous. “Fuck. Off.”

Jamie didn’t realise he’d swung for her until he staggered backwards. The crowd around went mad, and Shaun dived to tackle Jamie. He missed, however, as a return swing from the woman forced Jamie to step to the side, and Shaun crashed to the floor with a groan. A few other members of the crowd rounded on Jamie, and he made a quick grab for the nearest object—a bar of something—and threw it at the closest person. It struck them squarely between the eyes, and they collapsed with a cry. A hard kick rebuffed the second assailant, and the third swiftly lost their nerve.

The woman with his bomb, however, renewed her attack, forcing Jamie backwards with a fierce flurry of fists and kicks. Jamie stumbled and fell against a wooden bar, looking up and seeing his restored pyramid of dragon’s eggs. Without hesitating, he plucked one from the stack, and threw it at the woman, striking her cheek. Unfaltering, he took another and threw it, and another, and another, until his ammunition had been depleted. The woman cowered behind a shelf, covered in round powdery marks where the bombs had struck before falling to the floor and shattering.

To her credit, she took advantage of the lull, and opened up with her own salvo of shampoo bars. Jamie dived to the floor to avoid the opening fire, and heard the thud of bars against the wood above him. Several more struck his prone form as he crawled away. Firm footsteps and a pair of hands on his collar succeeded the shampoo bar assault. Jamie flailed, fighting off the grip and clutching at a basket on the shelf above him. A hard kick to his ribs forced him to recoil, and he dragged the basket down, triggering a rain of blue bath bombs around him.

A cry rang out behind him, followed by a hard crash. Jamie knelt up and turned to see the woman on her back, the bottom of a shoe coated in blue dust and a slightly squashed bomb now bouncing down the aisle away from her. Somehow, she still had a firm grip on the intact Twilight bomb, and Jamie attempted the pry it from her fingers, but it was like trying to shift steel ingots. Her grip was vicelike and unmoving.

Without thought, Jamie grabbed the closest bath bomb, and smashed it into her face. She cried out, and he did it again. Something audibly snapped, under the assault, and the bomb eventually shattered. He picked another, and continued until, panting, he realised she no longer cried out or whimpered beneath his blows. Her grip on the bomb had loosened at some point, and it had rolled free.

Reverently, Jamie lifted the bath bomb from the floor in both hands. His whole body shook from the adrenaline rush, but he could feel the haze lifting. He blinked, and for a second couldn’t quite place where he was, or what he was doing. Why was he holding a Twilight in his hands like some sort of delicate, rare jewel? Why was everyone staring? He looked around. The store was a mess of bomb shrapnel and snapped cosmetics bars. His body ached, and something in the corner of his eyes caused him to turn, and the colour to drain from his face.

Lying upright amid a chalky sea of shattered blue bombs, face almost unrecognisable beneath the congealed mix of powder and blood, was someone he recognised only too well. Had he? Had he done this? He stared at the powdery streaks on his hands and forearms. He had. Jamie had killed Emma Blackery. But why? His gaze returned to the bath bomb in his hands. The Twilight. My Twilight. A cruel grin split across his face. My Precious.

He turned to leave when an ear-splitting yell caught his attention. He turned only quick enough to see Shaun flying through the air; wrapping his arms around Jamie’s waist and driving him to the ground. Jamie could only watch in horror as the Twilight flew from its pedestal in his hands. It all happened in slow motion. He felt his chin hit the hard floor, and the metallic tang of blood filled his mouth as his teeth bit into it. But his eyes were focussed on the pink bath bomb spinning through the air, the protruding stars on its surface almost twinkling in the store lighting, and finally shattering against the floor.

Jamie only remembered unleashing a scream. His handover from Shaun to the Police was a memory he had not saved. Nothing else mattered. He felt numb. Sitting in the police van, flanked by officers on either side, he came to the conclusion that it was gone. His Precious was gone. And there was nothing left worth staying for. Falling forward, he hit the floor of the van before the officers could react, his last memory of the Twilight streaking through the air. He would see it again soon, in his everlasting dream. His eyes closed for the last time, and darkness engulfed him, or rather, an early darkness, where stars twinkled and danced in a pink sky. Twilight.
Into Twilight
From a friend's prompt: "[...] you could make it out like I murdered Emma Blackery bc she took the last twilight bath bomb :')"

It's been a pretty tough, hectic, and eye-opening couple of months, to say the very least. I won't go into why, but a condensed version could be that I found myself ready to give right up before I discovered one final reason to keep going, and that reason is why I'm still here today, able to write this and do what I've done to get here.


Soppy stuff out of the way, I say I'm only 'sort of' back because I'm not going to be dedicating nearly as much time to dA as I used to (and even that wasn't much), and I'll only be posting the occasional collection of the latest stuff I've vomited up, maybe an excerpt or a short every blue moon.


In any case, I'm taking this time off to focus on restoring myself. This doesn't mean I won't keep writing, but it does mean that tweaking what I write and posting it to dA for advice is going to take a backseat, as currently I couldn't care less about the quality, I care about just writing it. Criticise that outlook if you must, but in all honesty, I don't give two shits. Most of what I write for a while will probably just be helping me keep going and just getting things out in some form or another, and that's all I want from it.


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