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National Limerick Day... Limerick
For limericks, this is their day.
Annually, on the twelfth day in May
write five verses of fun,
maybe shove in a pun,
or don't, I'm not fussed either way.
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Haiku For Today
Early sun ascend
on azure sky; gaze upon
shining lands of gold.
In battle with heat
of oppressive midsummer,
an Oak shields my brow.
Cool evening sun wanes,
while embers of dying light
set the world ablaze.
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Into Twilight
As disappointing as the year’s meagre attempt at summer had been, Jamie was determined not to let the dull clouds hanging above the town dissuade him from enjoying at least something. The looming prospect of rain served only to speed his steps as he half walked half ran through the cobbled streets towards his destination. Turning a final corner, he spied the shop he sought, and made a dash for the entrance even as tiny spots of rain began descending, making it just inside the threshold before a downpour began behind him.
As always, the Lush store welcomed him with a warm, heady aroma. He never sensed the same combination, no matter how many times he entered, and today was no exception; sweet lilac suffused the atmosphere, and Jamie drew a long, deep breath, releasing it with a satisfied sigh. Humming happily to himself, Jamie flitted between the rows and racks of cosmetics on display. Creamy facemasks, luxurious lotions, and pungent perfumes battled for dominance of his nostrils,
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Shattered Reality
Several days had passed since Skye had been taken to the safe house, and she still couldn’t think of it as anything more than a glorified holding pen. True enough, it had games consoles, basic internet access, books, and a TV with all the channels known to man—and going by the content of a few she’d flicked past, several channels known also to aliens. But nothing pulled her back into reality faster than pointing out a funny line in a show to someone who wasn’t there. Occasionally she’d lose herself in a game, and would ask Fitz if he’d been watching before realising that she was alone. There were no jokes to be told, or pranks to be had; she even missed sparring with May.
Her only link to the outside world as she had come to know it was the occasional webcam update to Coulson. The pre-arranged time arrived, and the television hanging on the wall quickly showed Coulson’s warm, albeit tired face. May stood behind him a ways, arms folded as per us
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Looking up the stars used to calm her, all those years ago. She supposed that her astral vigil might have influenced her when she finally abandoned her old identity in her search for the truth. Knowing what she did now: that Humanity was not alone in the Universe; that the Universe wasn’t particularly friendly; that she herself wasn’t truly of this world—of Earth—Skye wondered if perhaps she was fated to carry her name.
Though the night leeched the warmth from her exposed arms, and the railing they rested on bit into them like chill, metal teeth, she refused to roll her sleeves back down. The discomfort helped distract her, in a way—gave her something else to focus on; something mundane and within her capacity to fix if she wanted. She savoured the feeling of control, wishing she could bottle it. Control was something she had in short supply, nowadays.
A light breeze blew stray strands of hair across her vision, and though they obscured her view of the twi
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The Night Before Christmas - Agents of SHIELD Fic
T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the Bus, not an Agent was stirring, except one, making a fuss. Phil Coulson's face itched something fierce, and the urge to tear his face off with his nails was nearly overwhelming. Nevertheless, he soldiered through, stuffing a few cushions up his untucked shirt and wrestling with the bulky coat he had to make several attempts at pulling on. Even the coat itched, its white man-made lining abrading whatever bare patch of skin it found, and tugging at any hairs that were unlucky enough to get caught on it.
With the coat finally on, Coulson reached for a comically oversized black plastic belt hanging next to him and, making liberal and creative use of various expletives, spent a further few minutes trying to tie it around his bulging waistline. Coulson wiped his sweaty brow with the back of a white-gloved hand once the ordeal was over, noting just how inhumanly hot his outfit was and wondering how people could stand to dress up as he did
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SixWordStories Word Prompt - 'Perception'
"Darkness descends; test perception." "One." "Unfortunate..."
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Stars In Her Eyes
She used to be mum’s little angel, and daddy’s little girl,
And she’d live every day and play in her own little world.
When daddy was working she’d hold mummy’s hand and walk to school,
And she’d be first through the gate, never late to class, as a rule.
And the stars in her eyes were half again as large as the size of her, heart.
Playing princess in the playground it was clear she was meant for the part.
Surrounding herself with friends
Oh how she wished that the fun wouldn’t end,
She’d grow up to be someone someday
But for now she threw her cares away.
Far away.
She used to be mum’s little angel, and daddy’s little girl,
Until that day she still clearly remembers shattered her, world.
She heard mummy say she’d had enough, she couldn’t take any more of this;
A plate hit the front door as it slammed; next time, daddy said, I won’t miss.
And the tears in her eyes were about as large as the pieces of her, heart
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Ode to Tree
We breathe your air
And build with your bones,
And in your arms
Some make their homes.
You give us much
Yet we take much more,
Taking for granted
All we should be thankful for.
I wish to start again –
Anew –
This relationship
Between us and you;
Never again
Will I waste part of you;
We rely on you more
Than we think we do.
Yet despite all these words,
And our starting afresh,
I find myself tracing DickButt
Onto a page of your flesh.
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Belief in Perfection
I didn’t believe in perfection.
I believed in perception of that which surpassed the norm and entered an exalted realm of beauty, but that nothing could be without flaw.
Tell me, have you ever been proved so wrong in something that you feel ashamed for even holding that misguided opinion in the first place? As if all this time the rose you held so close to yourself was but a weed?
We once believed the Sun rose and fell according to the will of Gods, and that we commanded the very stars themselves from the throne around which they danced in shimmering homage. Looking back, such belief was understandable; the answers were far from beneath our noses.
It is when one’s foolish beliefs can be extinguished by merely opening one’s eyes that the feeling of shame is justified.
I once scorned those who wet their cheeks with tears brought about by a gallery or fine art.
The agony of weeping before perfection - weeping before that which you fought against the existence of, weeping
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Jane Doe
She never asked for his name, and neither did he ask hers. It was a most intimate business conducted in complete anonymity. It didn’t matter to him, anyway; in the end they both got what they wanted. The bartering in the middle was simply professional foreplay. If there was anything Julian was good at, it was professional foreplay.
His hairy left arm dangled down the side of the low bed, scraping the coarse carpet with the tips of his knuckles. A cigar smouldered between two fingers, adding the scent of tobacco to that of posh perfumes that preyed on his nose like a hungry predator looking for its next meal. Long, lacquered black nails scratched red grooves across his bare chest as slender fingers ventured into the dense forest of hair. Beneath a sheet barely thick enough to be translucent, their legs were intertwined; her lithe limbs coiled around his chiselled calves like a serpent around its prey.
Julian glanced over to the polished wooden table at the far side of the room. Up
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Limbo is my one true home-
a place between I call my own,
where situations cause anxiety;
indecision here rules over me.
I see the good and I see the bad
and it feels like I haven't had
enough time- I don't know the right from the wrong
decisions, but I do know I have to be strong.
I have to choose which path to take
and I can't afford to make mistakes,
but I can't keep sitting here alone;
left wondering about the unknown.
So I will take that first great step
and maybe learn to not regret;
but eventually a time will come
when I'll accept what's done, is done.
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A Soul May
A soul may shout loud,
Or whisper its will;
A soul may be healthy,
Or fall sickly and ill.
A soul may well flourish,
Or shrivel and die;
But for certain it’s truthful-
A soul never lies.
It may keep its secrets
Locked up in chains,
Or it may freely spill them-
A soul unrestrained.
It may know many languages
But speak mainly in tongues,
Or it may sing out clearly
From the top of its lungs.
Although it may seem
To shatter sometimes,
It may just need purpose
To light the fire inside.
That your soul may be wrong
Should not be your drive,
That your soul may be right
Is why you should strive.
We know not what our soul does-
It chooses its own way,
But follow it onwards-
It won’t lead you astray.
Of what it might do next
Truly no-one can say;
We know not what it ‘will’,
Only that which it ‘may’.
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(You make my) Life worth living
Every day you’re at the front of my mind;
from the time I wake to when I sleep at night;
and I can barely contain these feelings inside;
the butterflies I get when I look into your eyes.
There’s just something about you that sparks a flame in my heart,
a conflagration burning brightly even though we are apart;
and it burns through all my worries, all my stresses, all my fears;
it takes away the burden of what I’ve been through all these years.
You make my life worth living
and you make the air worth breathing;
I can’t imagine where I’d be if not for you.
You’re my motivation,
you’re my muse; my inspiration;
you’re everything I could wish for in a dream come true.
I know you likely don’t share my feelings,
but truthfully, that’s not why I care.
It’s who you are inside that really matters,
and to me you are one without compare.
There’s just something about you that gently touches my soul,
and deep inside I know that
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Who I am
I don’t know who I am anymore
and I ask myself every day:
Who stares back at me through the mirror?
No recognition; what is his name?
There’s a glint hidden deep in his eyes;
A spark of a flame long burned down,
And something keeps stoking the embers
to ensure that they don’t flicker out.
Warming itself at the cinders
a frail and bruised heart exists.
Beside it, a scarred, wounded soul;
defiantly, together they persist.
Lamentations and grieving are over;
what was done cannot be removed,
but past decisions and old memories
cannot hinder the healing of wounds.
Although a frown sits now on his lips
I know that it’s not permanent,
and that a time will come when he smiles-
a time when he feels content.
Instinctively, I reach out,
so that at least he will be aware
that no matter the boundaries between us
there’s somebody somewhere who cares.
Our fingers meet on the cool mirror face
and realisation hits home,
that for all of this time I’ve been staring
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Some Haiku
True forgiveness
is earned by actions,
not begged by words.
Love is a rose:
complex and thorny and pretty
A silent tune;
leading the stars
to dance across the sky.
Delicate webs;
broken by day
and repaired by night.
The sun falls only to rise;
succumbs to the light.
Lonely in the shade;
light still shines
through the cherry blossoms.
At rest beneath an orchard;
my life bears fruit.
on melancholy seas;
the sirens call.
A lone willow
by a river;
for whom does he weep?
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:new: So it's Valentine's Day here and I'm off to buy shoes to go with my posh frock for my fancy dinner because blue moons just come around sometimes, but I thought I'd pop in to remind you that there's approximately forty-eight hours left to submit something for the contest. So to all you stragglers, you revisers and last-minute magic-makers, you photo finishers: pull all the stops out, stop arsing about and get those entries in. Think of it as a Valentine's gift to words.
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Six Word Story Contest - 7 3 Month Subs to be won!
...and the winners are announced here!
A type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.
As a Group, we encourage writers to explore their boundaries with prompts, collaborations and more, but we accept anyone and everyone too! Whether you are a digital artist, photographer, or something else entirely, if you can string six words together into a story, this is the place to be!
So getting to the point of this article, we are kickstarting this year with a six word story contest! We have some awesome prizes and hopefully enough freedom for you to enjoy yourselves too! :la:Please support the contest and
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Are you a new writer to DeviantART and perhaps trying to discover what the Literature community has to offer to you? In getting started here, all of us realize how vast this community is and how easily one can feel mesmerized (and confused) by everything that this diverse website has to offer. In the past few years, the community has grown in size and if you are looking for a wonderful chance to get involved but not quite sure where to begin, this is the place for you! So on that note, my first question is: where are the writers?
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The lovely GeneratingHype asked us to go in search of new writers and to bring them to his attention. Using his original guide as my inspiration, it is my sincere hope to revive this extremely helpful initiative. I want to bring some new writers into the mix and also give other deviants trying to find their unique niche within our growing community
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An article featuring handsome long-haired men, because they need more love! :love:
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If I...
If I told you I had feelings for you
Will you run away and hide?
If I told you how deeply I care for you
Will you look in my eyes and lie?
If I told you I know its love unrequited
Will you comfort me while I cry?
Would it ruin our friendship to hear my words
or should I keep it all inside?
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It's been a pretty tough, hectic, and eye-opening couple of months, to say the very least. I won't go into why, but a condensed version could be that I found myself ready to give right up before I discovered one final reason to keep going, and that reason is why I'm still here today, able to write this and do what I've done to get here.


Soppy stuff out of the way, I say I'm only 'sort of' back because I'm not going to be dedicating nearly as much time to dA as I used to (and even that wasn't much), and I'll only be posting the occasional collection of the latest stuff I've vomited up, maybe an excerpt or a short every blue moon.


In any case, I'm taking this time off to focus on restoring myself. This doesn't mean I won't keep writing, but it does mean that tweaking what I write and posting it to dA for advice is going to take a backseat, as currently I couldn't care less about the quality, I care about just writing it. Criticise that outlook if you must, but in all honesty, I don't give two shits. Most of what I write for a while will probably just be helping me keep going and just getting things out in some form or another, and that's all I want from it.


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